For any player of any real repute, you have seen, played with, or played against AllCornhole’s GameChanger bags.  If you’ve watched any of the WCCC’s finals broadcasts on Wednesday nights, you’ve undoubtedly heard me refer to them as “steroid bags”, and that is the truest statement you can make about them without being literal. Now, simply throwing GCs don’t make a terrible player good – I’m living proof of that.  But, much like how steroids allow an athlete to work out longer and build more muscle and athletic aptitude, GCs allow those who are good at the game to become great, and the greats nearly unbeatable.

For those who don’t know what a GameChanger bag is, it’s basically a bag that is super slick on both sides, and has a small sticky patch sewn into the center of one side, kind of looking like a postage stamp. They do slide to the extreme, and they do take adjusting to, but when someone locks in with them, look out! Bag behind the hole? Could slide back in.  Anywhere near the hole? Could get knocked in. Six inches in front of the hole? Drop & drive, baby!
And you know what? That’s bad for the game. Cornhole is a game where it’s touted that anyone can win, but it’s increasingly becoming clear that the saying should be “anyone with GameChangers can win.” Soon, everyone will be throwing GameChangers and there wont be any variety in the bag choices until the next super bag comes along. Cornhole is entering a phase much like Major League Baseball post-1994-strike, where there were two classes of players – those who juiced and those that didn’t. Soon you’ll have the same in cornhole – those who throw GCs and those who don’t.
I know that there’s no way GameChangers are going to be banned, especially with one of the foremost producers of bags selling them, but I wonder if that wouldn’t be the best for the sport.