REMINDER: This blog is solely the views of Edju Martin and does not reflect the views of the WCCC as a whole

A growing phenomenon I’ve experienced lately are players who attend a tournament and from the moment they walk in the door they’re looking for an exit strategy to go to another tournament. It’s strange when the tournament starts and after someone’s first game they’re already asking what’s taking so long, things are moving slow, etc. Unfortunately, not everything is under our control. From evenly matched teams battling in 21-20 epics, to players who don’t listen for announcements for board assignments, and the always-beloved pack of wolves that rush to the bar instead of reporting scores, it can be a challenge getting things moving in the right direction.

Now, I do understand that WCCC tournaments can run longer than the usual fare, since we strive to include a round-robin and give our loyal players the most bang for the buck. We try to keep things moving along, and we don’t want to run the cornhole version of the Bataan Death March, but providing value for money is something that we wont apologize for, and for the most part, if you’re there a long time, that means you’ve gone deep into the tournament, and have a chance at a nice payout!

In the end, while we are cognizant of other tournaments and know many players like to double dip, we have a duty to run the best event possible for the players that have chosen to play with us, and we’re not going to provide a lesser experience so that another tournament can reap the benefits. Can we do better? Yes, always! There’s no such thing as perfection, no matter what certain corners of the cornhole world think, and we can only strive to do the best we can and better next time.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!