We’re live at Turf’s Sports Complex in Portland, ME for the final Northeast Conference event of the season!  Brian Poore jokingly suggested that I should liveblog, and it sounded like a terrible idea, so let’s do it!  I’ll update as we go along.

11:34 – We’ve been here for 2 hours, and they just announced beer sales are open, and a stampede that would have brought tears to the eyes of the most jaded of cowboy.  Andy Applegate, my intrepid partner in Social doubles, promptly announced he needed to open a tab and took off.

11:43 – Just heard the first demand over the PA for someone to report to a board, which is triggering horrific flashbacks of last week.  MAKE IT STOP!

11:47 – Holy hell, Hoov just told me he’s already 0-1 and that he wanted people to know that HOOV SUCKS.  Done!

11:48 – Advanced doubles bracket

11:49 – People keep coming over here to register and give scores.  I guess I look official-like and stuff.

11:51 – No social doubles bracket yet.  Andy & I want to see our path to glory!

11:52 – Why is everyone laughing at the previous entry?

11:55 – Andy & I got one of the two byes in Social!  McConville asked who I had to bribe for that, in different words.

11:57 – Social doubles bracket

11:59 – ByeUse hasn’t won a single game yet.

12:03 – A lot of ska and reggae on the playlist today.

12:07 – No big shocks in Advanced yet that I can see.

12:11 – Wait, Cole & Jesob won because one of the opponents switched to Social?  That’s…weird.

12:15 – Andy & I are facing Chris Aurilio & Mark Bur-something, it appears.

12:17 – We’re playing in the big soccer arena, which is a major advantage over the usual room here.  In the other room I’d rip a fart and the whole room smelled it within a minute.  Here, it’ll take them about five.

12:27 – His name was Mark Burgess, and he smoked me, putting up a 10 on a fourbagger, and despite Andy putting on an airmail show we got beat down 21-3.

12:28 – Scot Morrison’s shirt says I HOPE YOU LOSE on the back.  I need to find out who this is directed at.

12:46 – Andy & I just played Annette Markasky & Ben Dyer.  Andy opens with a 9.  We lose 24-13.  I suck.

12:47 – I also love how the ACL sends you a text with your losing score just to drive it home that you blow.

12:48 – So I got ahold of Scot.  “I don’t want anyone to win but me.  I want everyone else to lose.”  Well, that’s as straightforward as you can get.

12:49 – There’s still 5 WCCC players across 4 teams in Social.  We got a chance!

12:51 – I just offered my commentary services to Jeff Bachand and assured him I haven’t said anything bad about him on this here liveblog…yet.

12:54 – Our one remaining full WCCC team in Social, Ryan & Dee, are in the winner’s bracket final…SEND IT!

12:56 – I’m debating retiring from regionals and conferences.  I suck horribly and don’t want to be an anchor.

12:58 – Cole & Jesob with a nice win over Evanda & Lefty.

1:03 – I’m debating whether or not to have an Angry Orchard or 30.

1:09 – Chris Baril is channeling his inner Peter Conti with the ol’ JUST HAVE FUN.

1:14 – I don’t think John Clark is here.  That’s a bummer.

1:16 – For whatever reason I always get a kick out of the ACL brackets calling Chris ChristoBar.

1:17 – Some other guy is on the call at the broadcast table.  I should go over there and brain him WWE style with a folding chair.

1:22 – Angela Sodano just pointed out I could stalk people and get their phone numbers through the ACL Admin portal. Hmmmmmm.

1:24 – Ryan & I are trying to come up with ways to incorporate cornhole into wrestling.  Vince Russo-era TNA would have done something completely awful.

1:27 – Still debating the Angry Orchard issue.

I got called away to do 8 hours of commentary – sorry!