WCCC Wednesday Night at The Brook, presented by Route 1 Vapors, has been defined in 2022 by spells of domination.  First it was Wayne McCarthy going on a winning streak, now Rich Bushway has gone on a white hot streak, going 10-0 on the night to give himself a 19 game winning streak with 26 wins in his last 28 games.  Needless to say, his perfect 10 saw him claim his 2nd straight title, 5th of the year, and his 8th finals appearance in 11 appearances.  He did not carry his partner, however, as the very solid Craig Dutton actually outperformed Bushway in PPR with a 0.16 advantage.  They were not challenged in the playoffs, with wins of 17, 19, and 18 leading up to the championship game, where they smashed a good pairing of Craig Anderson & Glenn Krick, who had wins of 6, 18, and 23 of their own leading to the finals.  Bushway & Dutton brushed aside Anderson & Krick by a score of 26-3 in the final, showing ultimate supremacy over the field of 53 players.  Dutton had a remarkable 14 of 16 bags in the hole in the final, while Bushway experimented with his airmail, throwing 5 off, but still hit the mark enough to claim a 2.2 point advantage each round.

The 3rd place game saw Jodie Voishnis solidify her credentials as the top WCCC women’s player of the first quarter of 2022 by pairing with Wayne McCarthy to end an upstart run by Jamie Paquette & Phil Jackson by a 23-5 decision.

Your champions claimed two of the three top PPRs for the night, with Craig Dutton leading the way with 8.30, and Rich Bushway taking the 3rd spot with 8.14.  Another D wedged his way between the champions, with Dominic Lander throwing his way to the 2nd spot at 8.18, mostly on the strength of 10 fourbaggers, which led the way for the night.

Airmail was deja vu all over again, as for the 2nd time this year someone got called to the line for the second consecutive week, with Zack Hoover’s feat earlier in the year matched by Jesob Rockwell.  Whereas Hoover was able to win himself some cash both weeks, Rockwell went home empty handed, but with a catch – we unveiled our new airmail pipe this week.  Eyewitness accounts vary, but everyone agrees Rockwell would have hit two airmails on the old box, with some even claiming three.  The new pipe did its job, however, and the pot rolls over to next week at $1126.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

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We’ll see you next week!