WCCC Wednesday Night at The Winner’s Circle, presented by Route 1 Vapors, saw Chris Cole & Jamie Paquette both claim their first titles of the year, with the added bonus of Paquette not only making his first ever Wednesday night final but winning it, as they double-dipped Dominic Lander & Mike McNamara Sr. in the finals by scores of 21-2 & 21-20.

No one would have been betting on Colke & Paquette to sniff the finals after going 1-3 and finishing 4th in their pool, but they caught fire in the double elimination playoffs, defeating two of the four pool winners en route to the winner’s bracket final, where their momentum was halted momentarily by Lander & McNamara, who eased to a 23-6 win to claim the king seat spot in the finals.

Undeterred, they got their 3rd win over a pool winner with a 23-9 decision over Stephen Langlois and Jodie Voishnis to set up a finals rematch with Lander & McNamara.  The first game of the finals was a 5 round drubbing, as Cole got off to a 7-0 start with a 10-3 round, then Paquette dropped 2 points despite posting a 10 in the round, then rounds of 2, 7 and 5 points KOed Lander & McNamara and set up the winner-take-all game.

It looked like it was going to be an easy win for Cole & Paquette in the final game, as they jumped out to leads of 4-0, 14-7, 16-8, and 19-11. but Lander & McNamara dug deep and tied it after 14 rounds, and the took the lead on a grinding 4-3 round when Lander boarded all 4, Paquette had 3 on, and his partner encouraged him to go for the airmail and the win, reasoning that a miss would only cost them one point and the risk was worth it.  This was prescient thinking on Cole’s part, as a 6-4 round, with McNamara JUST missing a hard push shot that would have changed things, gave Cole & Paquette the 2 points they needed for the 21-20 epic victory that punctuated a great night of bags.

Technically there was no 3rd place game, but Stephen Langlois & Jodie Voishnis, as mentioned previously, claimed the final podium spot, and defeated Tyler Callahan & Brian Johnson 23-19 to secure their place on the podium.  Callahan & Johnson had won 5 straight elimination games by a combined 113-10 before getting stopped one rung short of the money.

The PPR list was topped by partners, but not ones you’d expect given the results.  The Ed Martin Memorial Classic defending champion Keegan Langlois led the way with a 8.47, while his partner Matt Lydon followed with a 7.93.  A hair behind in 3rd was Dominic Lander, who had a 7.9.  Lander not only also led the fourbagger charts for the night, but set a record in the ScoreMagic era with 13 fourbaggers on the night, giving him a 13 fourbagger lead on the leaderboard.

After some confusion with the concept of how to read numbers on a strip of tickets, WCCC Hall of Famer Gary Clifford got the chance to take his shot at the airmail pipe.  Although he was on line for 3 of the 4 bags, he couldn’t find the distance and all $1537 rolls over to next week.

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