WCCC Wednesday Night at The Winner’s Circle, presented by Route 1 Vapors, was the Craig Anderson Show.  Anderson, known also as @, teamed with Dominic Lander to put on a virtuoso performance, going 11-0 en route to claiming the championship.   Anderson & Lander’s night peaked in the first ever best of three finals, where they won in straight sets 22-0 & 25-12 over Todd Rabeau & Steve Singlar.

The first game was a demolition, with Anderson & Lander scoring in 7 of the 8 rounds, a 10-3 round by Lander over Singlar the key to making a 12-0 game a 19-0 laugher before grinding out the final three points.  Game 2 seemed to be tipping Rabeau & Singlar’s way, as they survived the storm of an early 6-0 deficit to take an 11-6 lead, but after the eventual champs battled back to make it a 12-10 deficit, Anderson delivered the backbreaker, a 12-4 round over Rabeau that gave them an 18-12 lead and pointed the way to the eventual 25-12 final margin,

The 3rd place game showcased one of the rising stars of the WCCC, with Jamie Paquette, given walker duty for the 2nd time in 2022, made a magical run to the semifinals before falling after giving them a stern test,  Paquette regrouped to recover from a 7-4 deficit against podium regular Brian Johnson and semifinal newcomer Rachel Jean to cruise to a 22-12 victory and the final podium spot.

The PPR list was headed by the red hot Chris Cole, who posted a sterling 8.17, a full .3 higher than runner-up Sandy Peacock at 7.87.  Brian Johnson hit the slot machine in 3rd at 7.77.  Glenn Krick & Jamie Paquette shared fourbagger honors with 6 apiece on the night,.

We alluded to the night being the Craig Anderson Show earlier, and you must be wondering why, considering two people win every week.  The @ Man found himself getting drawn for airmail, and had three really close bags with one of them being true for a $479 win, rolling $1438 over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

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We’ll see you next week!