WCCC Wednesday Night at The Brook, presented by Route 1 Vapors. was a crazy night with 72 throwers toeing the line, but a familiar face ended up on top, with Scott Pelletier extending his personal winning streak to 18, this time with Chris Cole, en route to a 2nd straight Wednesday night title.

Looking to derail the Pell Express were the duo of Glenn Krick & Craig Dutton, and they showed in Game 1 that they would give no quarter.  In a game where the biggest lead was 5 (and the game was again tied after the subsequent round), both teams beat the hell out of each other,  In a twenty-one round epic, 11 fourbaggers were thrown, with Cole & Krick themselves having three 12 point washes.  It appeared that Krick had lined his side up for the win with a single to make it 19-16, but Pelletier was able to hit a 5 in the twenty-first round for blackjack and the Game 1 win by a score of 21-19.

Game 2 was not as close of a battle, as Pelletier & Cole gave up 3 in the first round then posted a 10 over the next two, a Pelletier 4 and a Cole 6 opening the floodgates.  Krick & Dutton tried to hold against the tide, even getting a 4 from Krick to get it to 15-8 after nine rounds, but Pelletier was inevitable, finishing proceedings with one last fourbagger to post a 6 and finish off a 21-8 victory and a sweep.

The third place game was a blowout from the beginning, as Evanda Jackson & Eddie Azamor led 9-0 after the first round and didn’t give up a point over the final seven rounds in a 22-2 ten round destruction of Robert Ortega & Matteo Taormina.

The champions dominated SPR, with Scott Pelletier’s 8.77 and Chris Cole’s 8.51 split up by Robert Ortega’s 8.72.  Glenn Krick, 4th in PPR, led the fourbagger count with a solid 10.

The airmail reached new heights, with the old record of $6633 being broken by 15% and over a thousand dollars, settling at $7761 for $1940 a bag.  Shockingly, Ryan Deschenes, who hit two bags for $3316 on the previous record breaking night, got drawn again.  As the great Yogi Berra once said, it was deja vu all over again, as Deschenes again hit two bags on the record setting night, taking home $3880 and becoming an all-time airmail legend.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

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