The first March edition of WCCC Wednesday Night at The Brook, presented by Route 1 Vapors. had 52 players come out to partake in our monthly Switcholio, and chaos reigned again, as the playoffs featured a 16-1 upset, only one single digit seed making the semifinals, and a finals with two double digit seeds.  As wild as the playoffs leading to the finals were, they paled in comparison to what was to come in a Game 2 that no one who saw it will ever forget.

Chris Cole & Eric Kenney came out of the 12 seed and blew away everyone in their path to the finals, outscoring their opposition by a University of Georgia-esque score of 65-7.  The 10th seed, Phil Jackson & Mike McNamara Sr, faced a little more resistance, outscoring opponents 70-25 en route to the finals showdown.

Game 1 opened hot for both teams, with a Jackson fourbagger only claiming a deuce after Kenney countered with a 10.  Some more sparring made it 5-5 after five rounds, and Cole & Kenney squeaked ahead 6-5 after seven, not looking like the dominant force that had laid waste to the field previously.  That, however, changed in the blink of an eye, as an onslaught of points in each of the next four rounds, with Cole & Kenney draining 13 of their next 16 bags and bludgeoning their way to a 24-5 Game 1 win.

And then…Game 2.  This one will be talked about for a long, long time.  It looked like your standard blowout in favor of Jackson & McNamara, as they put on a blitz similar to the one they suffered in Game 1, cruising to a 20-0 lead after five rounds.  As likely everyone reading this knows, 20 is not 21, and you need 21 to claim a win.  Right at this moment, Cole & Kenney seemed to regain their previous form, with a 3 followed by a 6, and then after a wash another 6 to turn 20-0 into 20-15 in four rounds.  The next one, the tenth round, saw what looked like a win for Jackson & McNamara until it wasn’t.  With Kenney having thrown all four bags and Jackson having last bag, Jackson had  7-6 advantage, meaning that Jackson could have thrown his bag anywhere in the universe and his team wins.  However, there was some serious miscommunication afoot, and McNamara advised Jackson to board his bag.  Action Jackson, who should have become Inaction Jackson at this very moment, complied, and his bag landing on the board was just enough to allow one of Kenney’s hanging bags to fall, turning what was a 7-6 round into an 8-8 wash.  McNamara indicated after that he thought Kenney’s bag was their own and there was no danger of them losing.  Cole took advantage of their stay of execution, fourbagging for a deuce, having the other end wash, then posting a 4 to complete the epic comeback, down 20-0 but winning 21-20 to complete the sweep and take top honors for the night.

The third place game offered none of the drama of the finals, with the only single digit seed to win multiple playoff games, #3 Mindy Sponagle & Kevin Lowry, taking on the the 16th seed, the lowest in the playoff field, in the form of Corey Rabeau & Alan Titcomb.  Unfortunately for the Cinderellas, midnight struck swiftly and brutally, as Sponagle & Lowry led 10-0 after three rounds and cruised to a 21-2 decision in eight rounds to claim the final podium spot.

PPR again was not an indicator of team success, as the top 3 this week won a single playoff game between them.  Scott Pelletier led the way with an 8.85, and Tom O’Hara was a distant 2nd with an 8.37, being the only two to crack the 8 PPR barrier.  John Mahoney was close, however, with his 7.95 good enough for 3rd.  Pelletier also claimed the lead in the yearly fourbagger race by claiming victory in the nightly race with 9 fourbaggers.

Airmail reached & breached the $5000 mark again, settling at $5188 for $1297 a bag.  Jamie Paquette got the call to throw for the cash, and had the pipe been situated back and to the left about 8 inches he would have claimed 3/4 of the pot.  Alas for the Salisbury resident, it wasn’t, and all of the cash rolls over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

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We’ll see you next week!