We celebrated our 7th birthday on a chilly WCCC Wednesday Night, presented by Route 1 Vapors. at the Winner’s Circle, and despite the conditions 33 hardy souls came out to do battle.

The finals went the maximum three games, featuring Gary Clifford & Tyler Callahan vs Katy Singlar & Brian Johnson.  Game 1 looked to be a quick affair early on, as Clifford & Callahan jumped out to a 6-1 lead after four rounds and a 10-1 lead after seven.  Singlar & Johnson, being experienced campaigners, were not deterred, chipping away 4 points without reply over the next six rounds to get back to 10-5 after thirteen rounds, an omen for things to come.  A pair of deuces by Clifford and Callahan restored their lead to 9, but a fourbagger for 4 by Johnson was the start of four straight scoring rounds by Singlar & Johnson, with that 4 followed by a single and a pair of deuces to level things at 14-all an incredible nineteen rounds in.  A twentieth round wash was followed by a Callahan haymaker, with half a dozen on a fourbagger to bring them to match point, but Johnson roared back with 3 of his own to make it 20-17.  The twenty-third round (yes, 23 rounds) will forever live on in the memory of those who witnessed it.  With Singlar sitting 2 on Callahan with the final bag to come, Callahan threw a bag that sat on the board behind the hole and started the slowest descent in cornhole history, turning at roughly the same speed that milk does.  However, the bag never stopped moving, and echoing Caddyshack or perhaps Tiger Woods’ chip at the 2005 Masters, eventually fell into the hole to give Clifford & Callahan a 21-17 Game 1 victory and Clifford road rash as he dropped to the ground in delighted shock.

That would have been an epic climax to the night, but in the best-of-3 finals format there was more work to be done.  Game 2 saw an end change, with Clifford now matched against Singlar and Callahan against Johnson.  The 2nd game opened with a Johnson single before Clifford & Callahan roared back with 10 unanswered to make it 10-1 after five rounds and seemed on their way to a sweep, riding the momentum of the exhilarating Game 1 win.  However, Singlar & Johnson used their experience to not be rattled, responding with a deuce and then a Johnson 5 to get it right back to 10-8.  Clifford & Callahan hit right back with a 2 and a 3 to extend their lead to 15-8, but then saw the wrong end of a 2 and a 5, putting the teams on level terms at 15 after eleven rounds.   A grinding 5-5 wash between Clifford & Singlar set up Johnson to close out Game 2 with panache, as his fourbagger was only answered with 5 points, giving Johnson a 7 and his team a 22-15 victory to knot things up at 1.

After two scintillating games of cornhole, the live crowd and the viewers watching Facebook Live expected an epic 3rd game for the ages.  What they got was a prolonged drubbing, as a massive 9 round turned a 1-0 lead into a 10-0 rout for Singlar & Johnson after four rounds, and although Clifford & Callahan made them work for it, they rolled to a 20-0 lead after ten one-sided rounds.  Clifford fired his final shot with a deuce in round eleven to avoid the shutout, but Johnson calmly finished things with a 3 to win Game 3 and the title by a score of 23-2.

The drama we saw for 2/3 of the finals was not replicated in the 3rd place game, as WCCC newcomer Luis Armas and WCCC Men’s Player of the Year frontrunner Chris Cole absolutely obliterated Kevin Gallagher & Rich Bushway.  Cole led off with half a dozen, and Armas hit lucky 7 on his first round to jump out to 13-0 after two.  Bushway grabbed a single, but then Armas hit back with a deuce and Cole hit 6 for the 2nd time to claim the final spot after five rounds and a 21-1 win.

Some different faces at the top of the PPR leaderboard this week, as Brian Johnson’s title winning run was fueled by an 8.14 PPR.  Sandy Peacock was next with 7.56, while Matt Simons iced the rest of the field with a 7.44.  Gary Clifford outpaced the rest of the field on a night of difficult conditions to snag 7 fourbaggers.

Airmail is getting healthier again, hitting $1272 for $318 a bag, and WCCC Vice President Sean McKinnon got the call.  The pipe was not kind on this day, with the one bag that made contact hitting the rim, popping up, and glancing harmlessly away, leaving the entire $1272 to roll over.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

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Jasmine’s Famous Roast Beef & Seafood


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We’ll see you next week!