Our monthly Switcholio, presented by Route 1 Vapors. saw a major tournament winning duo team up to run it back at WCCC Wednesday Night at The Winner’s Circle

Rich Bushway & Kevin Lowry, who beat a stacked field in Old Orchard Beach for a major tournament win, got paired up in the playoffs and ran the table to do it again at the Circle.

Standing in their way in the finals was another powerhouse, the team of Dominic Lander & Scott Pelletier.   Game 1 started rather slowly, as an opening deuce by Lander was answered 6 points, but over four rounds, to make it 6-2 after five rounds.  Bushway then opened up a gap with 3, but Pelletier closed it back even further with a fourbagger to tighten things up to 9-8.  When it appeared it was going to be a tight affair throughout, Bushway & Lowry hit the accelerator, a pair of deuces answered by a deuce on a 12-10 round for Lander, before put together 5 straight scoring rounds to cruise to a 22-10 victory after sixteen rounds.  Remarkably, none of those 16 rounds featured a single wash.

Game 2 looked like the Bushway/Lowry momentum would continue, as a pair of opening deuces saw them jump out to a quick 4-0 lead.  Lander & Pelletier, however, found another gear of their own, a 4 and a 3 sparking a four round run that culminated in an 11-0 run and a 11-4 lead after six rounds.  Bushway was able to stem the tide momentarily with two, but Pelletier struck back with 3 to give his side a 14-6 lead after eight rounds and a ton of momentum.  That wave of momentum was first halted by the first wash of the finals, an amazing twenty-five rounds in;  the wave then came crashing down with four straight rounds of scoring by Bushway & Lowry, with a Bushway single closing things to a 14-13 deficit after thirteen rounds.  The 2nd (and final) wash of the finals was followed by a Bushway two followed by a Lowry 3 to make it a 12-0 run and an 18-14 lead.  With the OOB champs poised for the sweep, Lander wasn’t ready to go home, a 4 spot leveling things at 18-all.  Lowry, however, did want to go home and closed the show with a 5 to cap a 23-18 victory and sweep their opponents after eighteen hard fought Game 2 rounds.

We did have a game between the top two seeds, but in the third place game as both were beaten semifinalists.  Top seed Matty Iannello & Keegan Langlois faced off against 2nd seeded Chris Cole & Mike McNamara Sr.  This looked like a competitive one early, as things were knotted 5-5 after four rounds and 7-5 in favor of Cole & McNamara after six.  From there Iannello & Langlois were unstoppable, with six straight scoring rounds, including two 4s, a 5, and a finishing 7 to grab the final podium spot by force in a 26-7 thumping.

This night was also the debut of our two tiered playoff system, where those not making the main playoffs got a second chance in the consolation playoffs.  The consolation was won by Brian Kelly, who as a walker cut a swath through three teams en route to the consolation title, culminating in a 23-6 win over Jessica Kelly (Brian’s wife) & Zack Hoover (not Brian’s wife).

Top PPRs on the evening went to Keegan Langlois with an 8.66, with Brian Johnson next with an 8.11.  Tom O’Hara and Scott Pelletier tied for third with a 7.74.  Langlois fueled that 8.66 with 11 fourbaggers to top the field.

If you’re sick of reading about Keegan Langlois, you’re out of luck, as he got drawn to take his crack at airmail.  With $1665 on offer, for $416 a bag, he hit the pipe with every bag but was able to sink none, rolling the entire pot over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

The Winner’s Circle

The Brook

Jasmine’s Famous Roast Beef & Seafood


McFarland Ford

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We’ll see you next week!