Our monthly Switcholio attracted 60 players for WCCC Wednesday Night @ The Winner’s Circle, presented by Route 1 Vapors.

Continuing a trend of new faces on our finals broadcasts, we had 4 players vying for their first WCCC titles of 2023, with Sammi Jo Robinson & Stephen Langlois taking on Heidi Harrington & Eddie Azamor for top honors.

Game 1 started out fairly evenly, as Robinson posted a deuce witb an opening fourbagger & Langlois followed with a 3 before Harrington answered with a 4 to make it 5-4 Robinson & Langlois after three rounds.  Langlois then hit the slot machine winner with a 7 to extend their lead to 12-4, and then followed a wash with a deuce to make it 14-4.  The game then entered a phase where it resembled a Chinese laundry, with seemingly endless washes.  Four washes in a row ensued, leaving it 14-4 after ten rounds.  Azamor finally broke through with a single, but Langlois followed with a 5 to firmly establish control.  Azamor hit back with a deuce, but Langlois, with his 5th straight 10 round, got the 3 points to finish off Game 1 and give his side a 22-7 win after fourteen rounds.

Game 2 started slowly, with a single by Robinson in the third round the only point to, well, that point.  Robinson & Langlois then chose brutal violence, with 5 straight rounds of 10 to overwhelm their opponents on their way to a 21-0 whitewash after eight one-sided rounds to sweep the finals.

The third place game had a pair of familiar faces partnering with those finding the air more rarefied in this phase of the tournament, with Dominic Lander pairing with WCCC debutant Steve Tripp to take on Sandy Peacock and Dave MacKay.  Lander & Tripp opened brightly, as a Peacock opening single was followed by a Tripp deuce and a Lander 3 to make it 5-1 after three.  Peacock & MacKay then laid the hammer down, a MacKay 3 followed by a Peacock 4.  MacKay then matched his team’s scoring from the previous two rounds, hitting his own slot machine winner 7 to rush out to a 15-5 lead.  Lander then slowed down the onslaught with a 4, but MacKay, hotter than a three dollar pistol, then roared back with a 5 to put his team on the brink at 20-9.  If you’re scoring at home, that was 15 points for MacKay over his previous 3 rounds.  Lander did not wilt, firing back with a 5 before MacKay finished his white-hot run with a deuce to take the game and final podium spot by a score of 22-14.

In the consolation tier final, Tyler Callahan & Eric McLaughlin defeated Jodie Voishnis & Chris Cole by a score of 28-17.

Top PPRs for the night went to Sandy Peacock with an excellent 8.84, followed by Dominic Lander at 8.33 and Scott Pelletier at 8.32.  Peacock fueled her top of the pops PPR with a night leading 9 fourbaggers.

Airmail arrived neatly on the dot at $2800, for $700 a bag, and for the second week in a row a thrower from the last two weeks got a chance at redemption, as fan favorite Kevin Lowry took another shot at the dough.  Two wayward bags were followed by two bags that hit the back rim of the pipe and skittered off, leaving the entire amount intact and rolling over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

The Winner’s Circle

The Brook


McFarland Ford

Rich Electric

Revolution Dart League


We’ll see you next week!