Our monthly Switcholio, presented by Route 1 Vapors, attracted 54 players on an unseasonably warm and muggy night, and a great night of cornhole was had.

Brian Johnson & Eric Kenney terrorized all comers in the playoffs, slicing through 5 games undefeated with an average margin of victory of 17.8 to seize the title.

Johnson & Kenney met the duo of Kevin Ke & Mike Pigatti in the finals, and got Game 1 off to a quick start with a Kenney 5.  Ke fired right back with a 5 of his own, however, and made it look like a shootout was on the cards.  That, however, was not to be, as Johnson & Kenney battered the opposition, scoring in the next six rounds, each of them scoring 4 to finish off a 21-5 blitzing after eight rounds.

Johnson & Kenney kept the momentum into Game 2, a half dozen from Kenney the highlight of a rush that saw his side lead 11-0 after four rounds.  Pigatti slowed down the wave with a deuce, but after a wash a fourbagger 9 for Kenney put his side on the brink at 20-2.  At this point Ke & Pigatti showed some resistance, a 3 by Ke followed by a single by Pigatti and a single by Ke brought it to 20-7.  This is where it would end, though, as a greasy, dirty 4-2 round in favor of Kenney was enough to complete the sweep with a 22-7 win after eleven rounds.

The 3rd place game was contested between Zach Magee & Chris Paquette and Mike McNamara Sr and Corey Rabeau.  Much like Game 2 of the finals, a team jumped out to a quick lead, here being Magee & Paquette grabbing an 8-0 lead after four rounds.  Rabeau poked back with a single, but a 6 point fourbagger from Paquette put his teams firmly in control at 14-1.  a wash and a Paquette deuce made it 16-1 after nine rounds.  McNamara then threw a haymaker out of nowhere, sinking all four bags to claim and 8 and all of a sudden closing the deficit to 16-9.  Magee & Paquette fought right back, however, each of them posting 3s to claim the final podium spot with a 22-9 win.

John Mahoney & Jason Burke defeated Steve Marshall & Eric Gosselin in the consolation tier final by a score of 25-17.

Sam Sok socked it to the competition with a golden 9.10 PPR to lead all players.  Eric Kenney beat out his championship partner Brian Johnson by .02, his 8.56 just ahead of Johnson’s 8.54.  Johnson also topped the fourbagger leaderboard with 11.

Airmail has been pretty resilient lately, and grew on this night to $4348, for $1087 per bag, the biggest pot since March 8th.  Keegan Langlois was drawn, never having drained an airmail bag at a WCCC event.  Three bags later, that still held true, but became a lie after the final bag, which rattled home to win himself $1087.  $3261 rolls over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

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We’ll see you next week!