A beautiful night of weather greeted us at WCCC Wednesday Night @ The Winner’s Circle, presented by Route 1 Vapors.

If last week’s finals theme was star power, this week’s was about some new faces finding their way to the podium.  The finals were contested by Jodie Voishnis (first finals of 2023) & her partner Eric Kenney (3rd) vs Jamie Paquette (1st) & Corey Rabeau (2nd).

Game 1 was a somewhat drawn out slaughter, as Voishnis & Kenney sliced through their opponents like a knife through butter, scoring in nine of the eleven rounds and pitching a shutout to the tune of 24-0.  Six of the eleven rounds saw Voishnis & Kenney post 10s, with no round lower than a 6.

Game 2 showed signs of life from Paquette & Rabeau, who didn’t let their Game 1 drubbing get them down, as they raced into a 7-0 lead after two rounds, a Rabeau deuce followed by a Paquette 5.  Kenney was able to stem the tide somewhat with a 3, but Paquette roared back with another 4 to make it 11-3.  Two washes were able to kill any momentum Paquette & Rabeau had, as a pair of 4s from Kenney bookended 7 more points in the intervening three rounds, turning that 11-3 deficit into an 18-11 lead in the span of those five rounds.  Paquette & Rabeau weren’t finished, however, as a single from Paquette and a pair of deuces shrank the lead to 18-16.  Kenney then landed the knockout blow, a fourbagger that was only met with a 4 in return from Rabeau to finish off a 26-16 victory after fifteen rounds and sweep of the finals.

The third place game had one familiar podium face and three relative newcomers, as reigning WCCC Player of the Month Rich Bushway teamed with Jason Burke to take on Chris Paquette (brother of runner-up Jamie) & Zach Magee.  This one looked like it was going to be a laugher like Game 1 of the finals, with Bushway opening with a 5 and his side opening up a 9-1 lead after four rounds.  Paquette & Magee did manage to grab a foothold in the game a Magee deuce followed by three from Paquette.  Bushway then ground out the greasiest deuce imaginable, a 3-1 round that Burke followed with a single to double up the opposition 12-6.  Two washes and the teams trading singles later, it was 13-7 after twelve.  The inaction continued with another wash, and then Paquette & Magee roared to life, a Paquette 4 and a Magee deuce leveling the scores at 13, a Paquette single giving them the lead, a Magee 3 extending the lead to 17-13, and then the haymaker from Paquette with a 5 spot, a 15-0 run over five rounds that left Bushway & Burke reeling and Paquette & Magee on the final podium spot.

The consolation finals were won by Gary Clifford, a champion of women’s equality, and WCCC newcomer Steve Champney, who won a slugfest over Katy Singlar & WCCC newcomer Crystal Linehan by a score of 22-20.

Top PPRs on the night went to Eric Kenney at 8.09, Steve Singlar at 7.77, and Tom O’Hara at 7.74.  Kenney also topped the fourbagger charts with 10.

Airmail grew to $2628, for $657 a bag, and Sen Say got his name called for the first time.  He threatened the pipe, but ultimately came away empty-handed, rolling the entire amount over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

The Winner’s Circle

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McFarland Ford

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Revolution Dart League


We’ll see you next week!