WCCC Wednesday Night, presented by Route 1 Vapors, was forced to The Brook due to the rainy weather in the area, and a solid crowd did battle in the familiar confines of their ballroom.

Stephen “The Walker” Lamglois & Zach Magee overcame a tight 22-20 loss in their final round robin game to rip off 5 straight playoff wins to take the crown.  In the finals, they faced Eric Kenney, who had won the previous week’s tournament, and Cathy MacKay, who had not.

Kenney & MacKay got off to a bright start, a 4 by Kenney springing them to a 4-0 lead.  Langlois & Magee fired right back, however, with a 5 and a 3 to grab an 8-4 lead.  MacKay then sandwiched a pair of singles around a wash, making it 8-6 after six rounds.  Magee then grabbed a pair of singles of his own while Langlois & MacKay shared a pair of washes to land at 10-6 after ten rounds.  When it appeared the seesaw was going to continue to go up and down, it landed with a thud.  A Magee 4 followed by a Langlois deuce gave them momentum, which after a greasy 3-3 wash Langlois was able to use to post a 5 to finish off Game 1 by a score of 21-6 after fourteen rounds.

Game 2 started very similarly to Game 1, with half a dozen by Kenney opening up a quick 6-0 lead, but this time MacKay followed with a deuce and the 8-0 lead then held through three consecutive washes.  Langlois then got his own six-pack & Magee his own deuce to level the score at 8 after seven rounds.  Langlois then gave his side their first lead of Game 2 with a deuce, but after a wash yielded a 3 to MacKay to give Kenney & MacKay a 11-10 lead after ten.  Kenney then hit for 3 to go up 14-10, but then his team completely hit the wall.  A 5 for Langlois completely swung the score and momentum in their favor, and Magee followed with a deuce to make it 17-14.  Langlois then went for half a dozen for the 2nd time in Game 2 to seal the sweep by a score of 23-14 after fourteen rounds.

The third place game was a wild affair contested by the teams of Corey Rabeau & Arthur Picanco and Tyler Callahan & Phil Jackson.  It was a laugher early, as Jackson & Callahan opened with deuces before Jackson slapped up a 5 for a 9-0 lead after three rounds.  Picanco landed an immediate haymaker with a snowman 8, and Rabeau posted a deuce to give his side a 10-9 lead.  A deuce by Callahan snatched the lead right back, while a Jackson single extended it to 12-10.  A single by Picanco & a deuce by Rabeau made their deficit short-lived, however.  The tenth round saw the first wash of the third place game.  A 3 by Rabeau & a single by Picanco seemed to give them some breathing room at 17-10, but a Jackson 5 moonwalked them back to a 17-15 game.  What looked to be a grandstand finish fizzled out, though, as Picanco ground out a 2, Rabeau ground out 1, and Picanco ground out another 2 – none of those three rounds seeing more than 6 posted by the scorers – to finish things at 22-15 after sixteen rounds to claim the final podium spot.

Chris Cole, whose partner left before the playoffs, won the consolation tier with a 23-12 victory over Rachel Jean & Eric Gosselin.

Chris Cole topped the PPR charts with a solid 8.68, while Jesob Rockwell was close behind with an 8.32.  Finalists Eric Kenney & Stephen Langlois tied for 3rd with identical 8.18s.  Kenney also led with 11 fourbaggers.

Airmail reached $3697, for $924 a bag, and it was WCCC Hall of Famer Rich Bushway who got called to the line.  He missed the first bag, decided he didn’t like missing, so chose not to, burying his last 3 bags for a $2772 score.  $925 rolls over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

The Winner’s Circle

The Brook


McFarland Ford

Rich Electric

Revolution Dart League


We’ll see you next week!