58 throwers came out to strut their stuff at WCCC Wednesday Night @ The Winner’s Circle, presented by Route 1 Vapors.

It was another week of fresh faces in the semifinals and finals, with Shannon Titcomb & Tyler Callahan teaming up to face off against Alex Szymanski & Todd Rabeau for the title.  None of the finalists had a Wednesday championship entering the night, so we were guaranteed first-timers at the top of the podium.

Game 1 was an even affair at first, with a wash followed by matching deuces and matching 4s to make it 6-6 after five rounds.  Titcomb & Callahan seemed to have pulled away with a deuce on a fourbagger by Titcomb & a 4 by Callahan to make it 13-6.  A Rabeau 2 and a Szymanski 3 pulled it back to 13-11, but after a wash Titcomb & Callahan rolled to 8 straight points over the next three rounds to secure a 21-11 victory after thirteen rounds.

Game 2 followed a similar trajectory in reverse as Szymanski & Rabeau leapt to a 4-0 lead after two rounds, but Titcomb & Callahan shot back into the lead with 5 points over the next two rounds.  Szymanski fired right back with a 4 to retake the lead at 8-5, but after a wash Callahan claimed a 4 of his own to nose back in front 9-8.  Titcomb recorded a deuce to extend the lead to 11-8, and then the Szymanski-Rabeau pairing just exploded, posting SEVEN straight scoring rounds, nothing more than 3 in a round, but the onslaught was enough to end in a 15-0 run and a 23-11 victory that knotted the series at 1-1 and necessitated a winner-take-all Game 3.

Game 3 started with a bang, as Titcomb roared out of the gate with a 9 to get her side almost halfway home after one round.  Two washes and a deuce by Szymanski slowed things down, but Titcomb extended their lead to 12-2 with a 3 after five rounds.  A wash and trading of singles made it 13-3, and Szymanski & Rabeau chipped away with a 2 and a 1 to make it 13-6 before Rabeau got himself an entire boulder, an 8 spot that turned things completely around and gave his team a 14-13 lead after eleven rounds.  Many teams would have folded after losing a late lead in Game 3 on a big swing like that, but Titcomb and Callahan dug deep, with a deuce, a wash, and a single reclaiming the lead 16-14.  When another swing seemed imminent, Titcomb posted a 3 to quell an uprising, and Callahan landed the knockout blow with a 7 to finish off an epic finals by a score of 26-14 in the decisive game.

The third place game had little drama, as Sammi Jo Robinson & Eddie Azamor allowed Matty Iannello & Corey Rabeau to open with a 3 before subjecting them to a back-alley beating, a Robinson 5 and an Azamor 10 pointing the way to a 25-3 victory in seven decisive rounds to claim the final podium spot by a score of 25-3.

Gary Clifford, a champion of women’s equality, a true American patriot, and a man who picks up his trash, won the consolation tier for the 2nd week running, this time teaming with WCCC debutant Braylon Lupa to defeat walker Chris Cole 22-1 in the final.

Keegan Langlois led the way with a sterling 9.23 PPR, while Scott Pelletier was 2nd with an 8.49 and Sammi Jo Robinson right behind with an 8.4.  Langlois also led the way with 12 fourbaggers.

Airmail has been invincible lately, growing to $2871, for $717 a bag.  Fan favorite Kevin Lowry got the call, but despite threatening the tube could not find the hole, leaving the entire amount for next week.

It was All-American Night, and Gary Clifford crushed the field to win with his American spirit, but Matt Simons did show out well also.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

The Winner’s Circle

The Brook


McFarland Ford

Rich Electric

Revolution Dart League


We’ll see you next week!