A nice 69 players came out for WCCC Wednesday Night @ The Winner’s Circle, presented by Route 1 Vapors.

Sammi Jo Robinson hit the top of the podium for the 2nd week in a row, this time teaming with Scott Pelletier to rip through a strong field by going 11-0 and sweeping the finals over Wayne McCarthy & Jesob Rockwell.

Game 1 was a close affair early on, as a Robinson fourbagger for 5 was rebutted with a Rockwell 4 for an early 5-4 game.  Robinson & Pelletier simply decided at this point to execute their opponents, with six straight scoring rounds, starting with a pair of Robinson 4s sandwiching a Pelletier 3, as what was a close game early turned into a 21-4 laugher after eight rounds.

Game 2 started in McCarthy & Rockwell’s favor, as a McCarthy deuce followed by a Rockwell single made it 3-0 after two.  Robinson & Pelletier then reprised their Game 1 roles as executioners, scoring in five straight rounds, a Robinson 9 in the fifth round the highlight, as they completed a 21-3 demolition in seven rounds to cap off a title and an aggregate score of 42-7 over fifteen largely one-sided rounds in the finals series.

Slightly more competitive was the 3rd place game, which featured Ryan Goding & Stephen Langlois vs Alan Titcomb & Rich Bushway.  This stayed competitive longer than the finals, as Bushway had a pair of deuces sandwiched around a Goding 5 to open things.  Three straight deuces, two by Goding and one by Langlois, opened up a 11-4 lead.  Bushway dropped a deuce of his own to make it 11-6 after seven rounds, but Goding & Langlois then kicked it into another gear, capping off their efforts with three straight fourbaggers to run out 26-6 winners after twelve rounds to claim the final podium spot.

Continuing the theme of blowout losses in money games, Dave MacKay & Tyler Callahan routed Matty Iannello & Dan Callahan 26-1 to claim consolation tier honors.

Rich Gabe claimed top PPR honors with a sterling 8.65, with Ryan Goding following with an 8.33 and Dominic Lander with an 8.08.  Gabe also impressively topped the fourbagger charts with 10 despite playing the minimum number of games a player could have played with 7.

Airmail grew to $3307, and Jesob Rockwell, no stranger to big airmail pots, got the call.  He was not able to hit the mark, however, and the entire amount rolls over to next week.

We would like to thank our sponsors that make it all happen!

Route 1 Vapors

The Winner’s Circle

The Brook


McFarland Ford

Rich Electric

Revolution Dart League


We’ll see you next week!